hmm..yesterday was friday, meaning clinical skill’s lab day. this week we studied how to use the light microscope, which was a piece of cake basically. of course we all knew how to use a light microscope, right?hehe, but one thing we learned was to adjust the interpupillary distance. apekah itu?wakaka. seblum ni kalo tgk microscope mesti pning after gune. rupenye xgune ngn bt0l! haha. we were all like ‘laaaaaaaaaaaaaa..’ gagaga. n we also had to adjust the iris diaphragm. what’s that? takyah tau cz bukan itu yang ku mahu smpaikan. hehe. yang ku mau sampaikan adalah tentang skill’s lab last week.jeng jeng jeng…
last week, our subject was temperature measurement. doesn’t actually sound like rocket science right? so kitorang pn cm rileks jela, n x bace pn the handout yang diberi..[FYI, the system is such that we learn a topic one week and the evaluation is the next week] but, the week after we had class 4 the temp measurement, we had exams which lasted a week. so that meant we had 2 weeks before the evaluation. n we didn’t study it beforehand, cz ya know,the thermometer cn do the work itself right? haha. right.
so the story goes that we’d have to explain everything, oh i forgot to mention we also had to measure the pulse rate n respiratory rate besides the temperature. during the one-by-one presentation:
Belon[nama diubah supaya x memalukan makhluk tersebut] did it. Ok. so we all watched, n she was explaining about the pulse rate. Ok. for pulse rate, if the pulse rate is below or above the normal there are names for them. if it’s lower, it’s bradycardii. if it’s higher, it’s tarchycardii. so bEloN was explaining bout that, except she completely changed the terminologies,i think it was trachibrachi or something like that. all i remember was that it was really funny n we all laughed. including her. hahaaa. n she started laughing n she wouldn’t stop! sje tried to continue n then she’d break off n laugh again. n the evaluator was dr. afiat who almost never smiles.haha. n then bel0n couldn’t stop laughing but finally she got control of herself n continued….
n then she did it again. she changed tymphanic membrane to tymficus or something like that, and umbilical to umbicyrus[and she did it confidently too!]. n we like loudly whispered to her the correct name, n she started laughing again. so WE started laughing again. n in the end even dr. afiat broke into a smile.. adoi.. i dunno if it sounds funny or not here, but all i know is we couldn’t stop laughing.
oh n i forgot the good part! for the measurement, we only had to take the axillary temperature aka at the armpit. i know, cam geli right. haha. but we had to do it anyway. n during the class dr. afiat said you have to make sure the armpit is dry first. [tissue n alcohol was provided to clean the temperature or whatever,so dear Belon here, she explained about making sure the armpit was dry thingy, n all you had to do was ask the patient if it's dry, n if not, give them a tissue. but belon was a little bit more advance. after explaining, she tore a piece of tissue...........and WIPED THE PATIENT'S ARMPIT HERSELF! n the 'patient' was a guy! n our friend! our groupmate! THE PERSON WE MEET EVERYDAY! she WIPED his ARMPITS herself. that was just so priceless! lol. rotfl.
but we haven't gone to MY part yet.
i was doing fairly well. until the temperature part, haha. first we had to make sure the temperature was below 35 degrees C. so i checked. n i couldn't see no mercury. nu'uh. so the doc said, use the other one. okay. so i took the other one. hmmm. still no mercury. i was like squinting my eyes to see but...to no avail. i was like squinting n squinting n saying 'i can't see i can't see' haha. i was wearing my contacts, so it was a little weird that i couldn't see.huhu. anyway,i kept repeating that mantra 'i can't see i can't see' n finally i asked the doc 'can YOU see???' n i gave the thermometer to him. hahaaa. he looked a little taken aback, but he took it. n he had a half-smile on his face n he asked again 'you can't see?' n i was like 'no...*smiling*' n he looked again n asked the same question. n the same response again. [shaking...*smile*] n he passed the thermometer to me again n said ‘look again’. so i looked. n suddenly i SAW! *hahahahaha* i know, i’m an idiot right?gagaga. believe me, i was embarrassed. menebalkan muke je time tu *malu* huhu
so now, it’s IzzOt’s[nama diubah lg] turn. n she also had pr0bs wif the thermometer. haha. u know we had to make sure the temp’s below 35 right? so if it’s not, we had to SHAKE it.downwards. until it does. so izZot here, she shaked n shacked the thermo, but the temp stayed the same. cz she wasn’t doin it downwards. so we gave her the sign language, showin the action of shakin it downwards. all 4 of us. n she shaked again. the same way as before. so we tried again. n she did the same shakin again. haha. n that cycle went for, i don’t know, 5 mins [inbetween izZ0t checked the thermo n it didn't change a thing' until finally izZ0t 'walked into the light'[only those who watched Jst Lyk Heaven wud understand] and did it the way we showed her. n vOIla! the temp went down! haha…. klako sungguh bila ingat balik..aisy..masing2 mengong. hihi.
can u imagine real doctors doin that? saying “i can’t see the mercury level, can u see?” to the patient..
Wiping the patient’s armpit[..haha]..
Shakin the temperature like a madwoman while the patient looks on, waiting,[most probably with a worried expression on their face=p]
i’m sure, in their head, they would all say…

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  1. ala babe..asal x smbung psl compound light microscope tuh?aiseyh2..aq dtg sinih siye scm lembab gile nk guna microscope..udah r microscope nih soklan wajib time practical haematology..arghh.tensi2..yg 1st sessional arituh aq kantoi dowh.siap kena invigilator tlg agi..haha =p

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