Is your heart in one piece?

Hey folks. While I’m writing this, the Internet isn’t working so I’m writing-sorry-TYPING on Microsoft Word first. *sigh*. I shouldn’t have listened to Cecep. He’s the technician whenever we have Internet problems. He told me to repair the IP. So I did, and now I can’t sign back in to YM. Great job Cecep! Haisy.

Anyway. This is my first post on this blog in a few months. I actually made another one, on Wordpress, but I gave up on it ‘coz I can’t ‘hias’ the blog without subscribing to this package (which isn’t FREE!!*dushdush*) so here I am. Switching loyalties!
I’m having my finals next month. *screaming hysterically*
Okay I feel better now. NOT.

Alright people. Let’s get back to the topic. Sometimes, I don’t understand how the mind works in matters concerning the heart. Haha. I’ve seen how so many people can easily switch from one person to another. And I just don’t understand that. I mean, does being with someone mean so much to people that they find the prospect of being alone so horrible? And do the past relationships mean so little that they can so easily move on? I know that human beings are just looking for happiness, so what’s wrong with moving on? Nothing really. Everyone wants to be happy right? Sometimes life happens and you can’t stay with that person and it has to end.
But for me, there needs to be a period. Not necessarily a mourning period, but just a certain length of time for me to repair myself again. If I was hurt, it would take me a long time to get over it. I don’t trust guys that much. Haha. I’ve seen so much happen to a lot of people that it makes me wary. I can’t just move on from one bad experience and then enter a new one so I can what? Go through the same thing again? No thanks. Maybe I’m a cynic in that way. I mean, I do believe in happy endings, I do. But to me it’s so rare and hard to find. And there are so little good guys out there, at least who I know anyway. And even if there are, sometimes it’s just not enough. Like I said, life happens, things change and nothing can ever be the same.

So right now, I’m comfortable where I am. I’ve got no time for heartbreak anyway. Hehe. Entering this medic world, you have little time for anything else except studying. That is, if you want to do well in your studies. Hehehe. Plus, I don’t need any more sins. I have enough as it is. Let Him hold my heart. If you follow His orders and the Prophet’s teachings, you will always succeed in your life. Sometimes, we as humans forget that the life we live now is just temporary and everything you do now will be questioned later….

One more thing, since we’re talking about what I do and don’t understand, is how people can so easily share their problems, really personal ones, so freely on, say, their blogs or whatever. Of course, I do share what I’m going through on my blog, but some things are better kept to yourself. You don’t really want to show yourself at your weakest point to others. At least I don’t. But everyone has their own ways to live their lives. And to some people, that way is to just let it all out. Whoever reads our blog anyway right? Hahaha.
Alright, I think I’ve babbled long enough. Time to go back studying!

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  1. LyA says:

    again here..

    hepy belated bufday!!!


    jln2 tgk blog org..


  2. "If I was hurt, it would take me a long time to get over it. I don’t trust guys that much. Haha. I’ve seen so much happen to a lot of people that it"

    especially bile rase cam kne tipu kan?
    oh2~i do luv dis entry~

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