Hujan emas di negeri orang...sambunglah sendiri:)’s been 3 months since i’ve arrived here in Bandung, or should i say Jatinangor, and i’m surviving. There’s not much you can complain about anyway, once you get over the fact that you’re in another country and not you own. Just to enlighten you all about the differences between here and the motherland:)
First of all, if you order ‘MEE GORENG’ in Malaysia, you get,well, mee goreng lah kan. hehe. but here, if you order mee goreng, what you’ll get MAGGIE GORENG or they call it Indomie here. haha.
Malaysia has taxis and busses as the public transport, and Indonesia has what? ANGKOT and BIS and also OJEKS. For the uninitiated, angkot is the thing that ‘angkuts‘ you from one place to another.aha.duhh.Angkut is like minivans but a little bit smaller and umm,uglier?haha.. n sometimes you have to jump out c0z if you’re not quick enuff the driver or angkot man would just drive away..haha..adventure tuh!lol. Ojeks meanwhile are basically motorcycles and driven by OJEKMANS who use their motorcycles as a source of its a little bit expensive coz you get to your destination faster.hihii.very useful if you wake up late c0z there’s always ojekmans lining up to bring you to class.heeheehee. And oh, BIS is what BAS is to Malaysia..dunno y they have I instead of S though. haha.
Indonesia doesn’t have Maggie!! They have Pop Mie though which is delicious yum yum! which brings me too..
People here use way too much AJINOMOTO! they practically swear by it!! haha. but seriously. no kidding.
About food again: MEE REBUS in Malaysia is mee rebus yang sangat sedap! hoho.. but if you order the same thing here…. you get MAGGIE SOUP. hahahh. with AJINOMOTO on top. literally! they dont mix it together. they just put it on top. weird i tell you. haha.
Kat sini, jajan yang orang Indon suke adalah BENG BENG! haha. which is like Safari in Malaysia. During orientation, we had to go camping at this mountain,Situ Lembang, n the Indonesian seniors asked us to find BENG BENG. n we were like, ‘what the heck is that? guns?[you, know, *bangbang=guns* you want us to bring GUNS’ hahahaha
and Oh, a few words that would be like mencarut in Malaysia but isn’t here. i won’t mention it tho. go find it yourself.hee
I’ve run out of ideas…hehe. I’ll update the list when I get some more:)

Reminder for the soul

“Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui kematian, tapi mengapa ia masih tertawa;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang tahu bahawa dunia adalah sementara, tapi mengapa ia sangat mencintainya;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui semua urusan telah ditakdirkan, tapi mengapa ia takut kehilangan;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui bahwa hisab adalah suatu kepastian, tapi mengapa ia tetap mengum
pulkan harta dan menghitung-hitungnya;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui panasnya api neraka, tapi mengapa ia tetap berbuat dosa;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengaku mengenal Allah, tapi mengapa ia meminta tolong kepada selain-Nya;

Aku hairan kepada orang yang mengaku mengetahui kenikmatan syurga, tapi mengapa ia merasa hidup tenang di dunia;

Dan aku hairan kepada orang yang mengetahui syaitan adalah musuhnya, tapi mengapa ia mentaatinya.”

Uthman bin Affan Radhiyallahu anhu
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