Hmm. You know how everyone keeps talking about a mother’s love? Well, what about a father’s love? How about that? Doesn’t a father also love his child just like a mother does? Well, of course it’s never the same, but he loves nonetheless. And sometimes people have weird ways to show how they love someone. Like my dad for example, since we’re talking about dads here. Ever since I’ve come here, I think I’ve only talked to my father once. During Aidilfitri. Most of the time we just SMS each other. Tu pun jarang since I mostly SMS my mom… Hehe. Anyway. Back on topic. Every time I’m in touch with Ayah, he’s always asking me what kind of water I’m drinking. Like during Raya, he asked, and I said there’s a water dispenser here at my Bale and we have to pay for it every month so getting a clean supply of water is not much a problem…but my dad, being the Elken agent just had to promote Elken’s water filter….kidding. He’s just worried, I know, I know. But I still can’t help but smile every time he brings it up, which has been more than once, unfailingly. Like the last time he asked, he asked me to ‘minum air Elken je’ as if I could go to the nearest shop and ask for an ‘air Elken’…hikhikhik. Sabar jela Ayah ni, hehe.

Even my sister, Angah dah berjangkit dengan Ayah..hihi. The last time we ym-ed, she told me that Ayah asked what am I drinking here…again. Hehe. And she was all ‘Bersih ke tu….Okay ke tu…’ when I told her the same thing I told my dad before, that there is a clean water supply here. Adoi… sabar je. Maybe somehow he found out about me getting sick before…I think I did tell my mom……Oh well. It’s not that big a deal here anyway. Everyone gets sick at least once when they get here. And not just water, even getting clean food is a tedious task here. And after a while, you’re okay. Not because the food’s gotten any cleaner, but because your body adapts to the environment and what not. Huih! Ni dah jauh lari dari topik ni….hoho. Back on track folks. Last time my dad SMSed me, again, ‘the water subject’ came up. He said ‘kalau ada air Elken bagus’ and to only drink mineral water if I go to town. Hehehh. Some habits die hard, or so they say. So layankan jela….hehe...
Last December was my dad’s birthday anyway. I wished him at midnight, and he replied quite late, around 1am. Ayah sometimes sleeps late to watch the idiot box, especially if there’s any tennis match on TV (go NADAL!!). He’s quite a tennis enthusiast, just like me. Or should I say I’m just like him? Haha. Ape2 aje. ANYWAY![kenapa asyik lari dari tajuk ni??membebel je ana nih=p] So anyway, I wished him happy birthday.. (his 64th!bilala ayah nak mnimang cucu ni..tahun depan kot hekhek ada orang tu nak kawiiiiiin, sorry la x bagi response yang dikehendaki yeh, orang tgh exam le=p)

And he replied something like this "Thank you, it didn’t even cross my mid that I’m now 64, it seems like it was only yesterday that you and Nawal were going to Carver Elementary (Carver Elementary is my school back in LA, masa tu ayah kerja ngn MSD aka Jabatan Penuntut Malaysia kt US) We all miss you, but don’t worry we’ll be alright. After all, I’m older to you only by two weeks” (since my birthday’s on 1st January, about two weeks from him) Hehe. So he was trying to say that he’s also still young, still 21 like me,haha..! Ayah, ayah…perasan!! Hehe. That’s my dad, never wants to settle down and enjoy retirement life. If you ask him, I’m sure he won’t admit that he’s retired! Hoho. Ada je benda yang nak di’busy’kan. UMNO la, Kelab Warga Emas la..That’s my dad. Hohoho. (My dad is a through and through UMNO man, but unlike SOME people who's in it only for the money or gain whatever they try to gain, he's in it because of passion, because he remembers how hard it was during the old days and who fought for Malaysia, so don't judge him for that! There's no black and white in life people. There's only shades of grey. Being an 'blue' or 'green' man does NOT define who you are!)
ANYWAY.(Again, i am babbling, rumbling from one thing to another, pardon me folks!=p)

I’m sure once I get back I’ll resume the task of being his coffeemaker, and tukang urut too! Hehe. I’ve been the resident ‘tukang urut kaki’ Ayah since, forever I think. I inherited it from Nawal, and somehow, stuck with it. Muna never took over!!! Haha. I guess since Muna selalu urut kuat sangat, while he says that I urut his feet like ‘orang tak makan’ Ngahaha. I’ve never had strong hands anyway, so no surprise there..With that, I’ll end this note with a ‘TAK SABAR NAK BALIK!!!’ hoho. Harus menempuh Soca and Osce dulu la….Isk.

Okay! HARUS STUDY! Bye bye, see you soon. Wassalam, *kisses*

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  1. huhuhu...
    nice feeling pas bace dis one...
    my dad also kinda man of vry few words especially dgn anak dara die sorg nih...

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“Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui kematian, tapi mengapa ia masih tertawa;

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Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui semua urusan telah ditakdirkan, tapi mengapa ia takut kehilangan;

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Dan aku hairan kepada orang yang mengetahui syaitan adalah musuhnya, tapi mengapa ia mentaatinya.”

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