Murdered Malaysian student was highly regarded

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian students at the Brawijaya University in Malang, East Java, are still traumatised over the murder of Adrian Jay Pereira as he was a well-loved person.

They were also worried for their safety as they felt that their safe haven was suddenly violated by the senseless killing on Monday.

Student leaders have issued an immediate directive to students not to “fight back if provoked” and not to move around by themselves.

Malaysian Students Association (Malang branch) president Noorul Redzuan Mahboob Ali said the students were feeling insecure.
“We have spoken to several senior police officers here and they have assured us of our safety. We are, however, not taking any chances,” Noorul said.

Noorul said the 147 Malaysian students at the university were deeply saddened that Pereira was gone.

“He was such a nice guy. Everyone is still mourning his loss,” he said.
A wake was held at the university on Tuesday where more than 400 people, including students, university deans, top police and state officials turned up to pay their respects.

Noorul said Pereira was the association’s education exco member and was a charismatic and hardworking student.

Another association office-bearer, Khairul Hafidz Alkhair Khairul Amin said the incident was isolated and had nothing to do with the negative national sentiments.
Meanwhile, the Malaysian ambassador to Indonesia, Datuk Syed Munshe Afzaruddin Syed Hassan, said Pereira’s murder was an isolated incident.

Pereira, 22, was a third-year medical student at the Brawijaya University.

He was killed on Monday evening by a person who had earlier tried to steal his motorcycle.

It was reported that Pereira chased the thief but could not get him. When he returned home, the thief was waiting for him and he swung a parang at Pereira from behind, almost decapitating him.

His remains were brought home yesterday on a Malaysia Airlines flight about 2.45pm before it was sent to his family home in Taman Klang Jaya.

Pereira leaves his mother and two younger sisters.

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Reminder for the soul

“Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui kematian, tapi mengapa ia masih tertawa;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang tahu bahawa dunia adalah sementara, tapi mengapa ia sangat mencintainya;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui semua urusan telah ditakdirkan, tapi mengapa ia takut kehilangan;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui bahwa hisab adalah suatu kepastian, tapi mengapa ia tetap mengum
pulkan harta dan menghitung-hitungnya;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui panasnya api neraka, tapi mengapa ia tetap berbuat dosa;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengaku mengenal Allah, tapi mengapa ia meminta tolong kepada selain-Nya;

Aku hairan kepada orang yang mengaku mengetahui kenikmatan syurga, tapi mengapa ia merasa hidup tenang di dunia;

Dan aku hairan kepada orang yang mengetahui syaitan adalah musuhnya, tapi mengapa ia mentaatinya.”

Uthman bin Affan Radhiyallahu anhu
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