Whenever we feel that we're losing our way, that feeling itself should make us strive to get back to our old rhythm again. Sometimes Allah gives us that feeling so that we seek Him, rather than being complacent and doing something just for the sake of habit.... 

Watched a video just now, and couldn't help feeling so touched. 

May Allah bless this speaker and may there be many more like him...

We need da'ies who preach with love, with patience and sincerity... not with hatred and full of judgement of others...

This is just what I think from what's happening now in our beloved country. Sometimes we feel just because we are on the 'right' side we can just throw the truth to everyone else regardless of the background of the listeners. That it's okay to speak harshly, to be cynical, just because we disagree with other people.
Syeikh Mufti Menk's words suddenly popped into my head: Sometimes we fight about who's right or wrong until we forget about what is right or wrong.

Da'wah is an art...
Don't let our rash decisions pull us farther away from the people.
In the end, we are the ones at loss.

And remember that Rasulullah sent his message of tauhid throughout the world full with love.

"Whoever doesn't love, will not be loved"

This is the video that I watched. May it be beneficial for us, insyaAllah...

May Allah guide us to the right path, towards Jannatul Firdaus and keep us away from His Wrath and Hellfire. Amiin.

Kita hanya manusia, dan manusia sering terlupa. Marilah mengingatkan sesama kita, moga berjumpa di syurga~

Reminder for the soul

“Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui kematian, tapi mengapa ia masih tertawa;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang tahu bahawa dunia adalah sementara, tapi mengapa ia sangat mencintainya;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui semua urusan telah ditakdirkan, tapi mengapa ia takut kehilangan;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui bahwa hisab adalah suatu kepastian, tapi mengapa ia tetap mengum
pulkan harta dan menghitung-hitungnya;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui panasnya api neraka, tapi mengapa ia tetap berbuat dosa;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengaku mengenal Allah, tapi mengapa ia meminta tolong kepada selain-Nya;

Aku hairan kepada orang yang mengaku mengetahui kenikmatan syurga, tapi mengapa ia merasa hidup tenang di dunia;

Dan aku hairan kepada orang yang mengetahui syaitan adalah musuhnya, tapi mengapa ia mentaatinya.”

Uthman bin Affan Radhiyallahu anhu
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