A cheery greeting after such a long hiatus...
Yes, after being such a drama queen in my last post, I can now say that alhamdulillah, we've past the hardest stages, being the first trimester...alhamdulillah.

...and yes, that means I am pregnant even though I was worried 'coz my tummy wasn't getting big --"

I am now 18 weeks along... but we don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl..... waiting for my next antenatal checkup tomorrow ^_^ hopefully we can find out.

Sometimes, it just hits me how my life has changed so fast, and how far my single years seem now.

How finding out I was pregnant was such a blessing because I did have my doubts, since I had close relatives who were unable to conceive, or had to wait so long to get an offspring... Although I do doubt that it's mainly because of inadequate nutrition, wallahua'lam... only Allah knows best. 

Anyhow, my days in surgery posting are almost coming to an end. Tomorrow I'm having my final exams, OSCE. There are 9 stations, but we only have to enter 3. Make dua for me, please?

I feel like my writings have become rustic. I've only been writing about what's been happening in my life, post-BM. Like my blog has become a marriage blog >.< 

But I guess that's okay, because life is after all our biggest tarbiyah. Whatever Allah puts us through, He will always make us prevail... As long as we remain steadfast and have complete trust in him...

Ramadhan's coming soon... Let's increase our momentum for this once in year ibadah marathon...

My first Ramadhan as a wife and final one before becoming a mother. 

May Allah ease everything....

p/s: My sister and two of my sisters-in-law are pregnant too! SubhanaLlah.. That makes four of us. 
My father is gonna be sooo happy^_^
My sister's having a boy. Hopefully my curiosity will end tomorrow! 

Until next time insya Allah, truthfully I have so much to write about... but everything has it's time and place. ;)

Have a nice day, filled with His barakah and love~

Kita hanya manusia, dan manusia sering terlupa. Marilah mengingatkan sesama kita, moga berjumpa di syurga~

Reminder for the soul

“Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui kematian, tapi mengapa ia masih tertawa;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang tahu bahawa dunia adalah sementara, tapi mengapa ia sangat mencintainya;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui semua urusan telah ditakdirkan, tapi mengapa ia takut kehilangan;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui bahwa hisab adalah suatu kepastian, tapi mengapa ia tetap mengum
pulkan harta dan menghitung-hitungnya;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengetahui panasnya api neraka, tapi mengapa ia tetap berbuat dosa;

Aku hairan dengan orang yang mengaku mengenal Allah, tapi mengapa ia meminta tolong kepada selain-Nya;

Aku hairan kepada orang yang mengaku mengetahui kenikmatan syurga, tapi mengapa ia merasa hidup tenang di dunia;

Dan aku hairan kepada orang yang mengetahui syaitan adalah musuhnya, tapi mengapa ia mentaatinya.”

Uthman bin Affan Radhiyallahu anhu
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